Harvest Fertility is proud to offer reciprocal IVF treatments for our diverse LGBTQ family and community!


Reciprocal IVF is a special term used in LGBTQ fertility. It is a variation of the conventional IVF procedure. The sperm source usually from sperm bank or direct known donor. The source of egg is either Partner A or Partner B. The eggs are inseminate with donor sperm and the created embryos are transfered to Partner B if the eggs were from Partner A, or vice versa.  This IVF method enhances and strengthens the family relationship bond between the lesbian couple. One is the genetic parent while the other is the delivery parent.


Contact us today if you are interested in inquiring about Harvest Fertility treatments. We will provide you a comprehensive medical evaluation, to see which treatment is right for you. We are here for you at every step of your journey.

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