Harvest Fertility encourages pre-pregnancy planning to help make sure parents are as healthy as they can be, before they have their baby.

Specific tests will be ordered depending on the past family history and ethnic background, but most of the patients will have the following screening tests:

⦁ A complete blood count (CBC), to make sure that they are not anemic and if so, the cause will be determined or there is no chromic or acute infections exist.

⦁ A Rubella titer (German measles).  Advisory Committee on Immunization Practices (⦁ ACIP) recommends that patients be immune prior to conceiving.

⦁ Genetic screening for certain common genetic disorders.  Current recommendations include sickle cell anemia, beta and alpha thalassemia, cystic fibrosis, SMA, Fragile-X and Tay-Sachs and it will depend on the patient’s ethnic background, family history and the results of the CBC. Couples will also be screened for family genetic traits.

⦁ A complete vaginal pelvic ultrasound with hydro-sonography, to be sure the uterus and tubes are normal, and to evaluate the antral follicle count, an estimate ovarian reserve.

⦁ A semen analysis

⦁ Several other blood tests, to maximize the health of the mother and baby.

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