Natural IVF allows the ovarian follicle to grow naturally, with no addition medication supplemented. The protocol is to observe and follow follicle growing through 3-4 times of ultrasound. If the follicle development to reach a good size, i.e. 18 mm, final maturation can be induced with a trigger and eggs retrieved for IVF.  If there are no good follicle size growth, then the retrieval will be postponed to next cycle. The protocol is good for patient in peri-menopausal  or menopausal population.  This population are poor responders and the ovaries are typically more insensitive to ovarian stimulation, even with high concentration of injection FSH. However, the success rate is usually much lower than through traditional IVF, but the  benefits is that there are fewer injections, reduced stress, fewer office visits,  lower costs & lower risk. Natural IVF cycle is good for younger individuals, as well as for individuals with diminished ovarian reserves.


Contact us today if you are interested in inquiring about Harvest Fertility Natural IVF treatment cycle.  We will provide a comprehensive medical evaluation, to see if this treatment right for you.  We are here for you at every step of your journey.

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