Harvest Fertility has compiled a glossary of helpful and useful fertility definitions.


AFC (Antral follicle count)—the number of follicles between 2 and 9 mm measured during the vaginal ultrasound exam. A measure of ovarian reserve.


AMH—produced by early stage eggs in the ovary and is used as a measure of ovarian reserve.


Estradiol—main female hormone. Used as one measure of ovarian reserved on day three of the menstrual cycle and to monitor IVF super ovulation.

femVue—an ultrasound evaluation of tubal patency. Air bubbles are instilled in the uterus and observed to see if they exit the tubes. Performed after menses and before ovulation.


FSH follicle stimulating hormone—used in evaluating ovarian reserve.


HSG—hysterosalpingogram. An x-ray of tubes and uterus to make sure the fallopian tubes are open. Performed in radiology. Performed after menses and before ovulation.


ICSI—Fertilizing an egg by directly injecting a sperm into the egg.


IUI—Intrauterine insemination.


IVF—Fertilization and culture of eggs in the laboratory.


Laparoscopy—minor outpatient procedure. The tubes, uterus and ovaries are examined visually, and the tubes are evaluated to make sure they are open. Scar tissue or adhesions and endometriosis can be diagnosed at the time of laparoscopy. Performed after menses and before ovulation.


Ovarian reserve– Ovarian reserve is a term that is used to determine the capacity of the ovary to provide egg cells that are capable of fertilization resulting in a healthy and successful pregnancy.

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