Business Office Coordinator

Jane Almazar

Jane Almazar has over 28 years of experience working on insurance and medical billing. As a dedicated team player, she is highly diligent in every aspect of the career she is involved in. Healthcare is true passion and calling in life. She loves being able to compassionately assist and care for others. The impact and improvement she is able to bring upon others, brings her much joy in her life.


Jane is also exceptional in administrative management, billing and collections. With her strong natural leadership skills, she is knowledgeable with the complete aspects of medical insurance and obtaining proper documentation. Having worked in acute hospital setting for most of her career, Jane understands the importance of being detailed and schedule oriented.


Patient service and satisfaction is the utmost concern for Jane. She will always take the time to carefully listen and answer all your important questions and concerns. She treats everyone like her family, and for this people greatly appreciate her for this. This kind of humble devotion is rare these days.

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