Harvest Fertility is among the few fertility centers in United States which utilizes the LifeAire Aire~IVF ® Filtration system. The LifeAire Aire~IVF ® system is designed to eliminate all VOCs – which are toxic to embryo and kill/inactivate the most infectious biological pathogens-including but not limited to anthrax spores, tuberculosis, COVID-19 (Coronavirus) and influenza, on a single passage of air through the system. According to many published data, utizling  system significantly improves blastocyst Formation, embryo Implantation, ongoing pregnancy, decreases miscarriage rate significantly and helps contribute to higher IVF success rates.

Avoiding any Contamination (Specially Covid-19) + Increasing Pregnancy Rate (Higher IVF Success Rates)

Cell Tek Microscope Chamber

Maybe you have seen the special incubators for premature newborns or infants with special NICU need and care. The Cell-Tek ® microscope chamber brings this extra early special care during the cellular stage of a baby, even when it is just a one cell egg just being produced by mother or an embryo which has been conceived in the lab. This special chamber is designed as an IVF lab instrument to allow the embryologist to observe and record important developmental stage of embryos and oocyte, while maintaining the pH, temperature, and humidity of the culture environment in a best, optimum clean stable state.

Observations can also be performed with less time pressure, allowing for a more accurate and reliable assessment of cellular quality. Importantly the less environmental stress placed on the egg and developing embryos, the better the embryos developmental potential, which results in better growth and higher fertility results.

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