Harvest Fertility is proud to provide gender selection service, for those who wish to have a specific gender family member.  Sex selection can be done for:

⦁ Family balancing
⦁ Preventing sex-link genetic disease

Gender selection is done through Pre-implantation Genetic Test. If the parents wishing to have a daughter, we will select the euploid blastocyst with XX genotype. For having a son, we select the euploid blastocyst with XY chromosome.

You should consider a fact during gender selection, which is the embryo number. Usually about 70% of eggs fertilize, 50% developed to the blastocyst stage, and about 50% of PGT embryos are normal and about 50% of normal blastocyst with the expected sex. Therefore, if 15 eggs are retrieved, about 11eggs fertilize, about 6 embryos develop to blastocyst stage, about 3 blastocysts are normal (euploid), and about 1.5 blastocyst(s) is(are) with preferred sex. Only 1 to 2 preferred sex embryos are available for transfer. With our experience that each transferred euploid blastocyst has 70% implantation rate, it may just enough for 1 baby by the preferred sex. It may require 2 egg retrieval cycles to have enough embryos to achieve the desired sex, even in younger age of mothers. For advance maternal age that would be even more cycles would be needed.

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